Watch the ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 2 Trailer

Posted in Trailer Park, TV on April 17th, 2014 by Nick

ointb-season-2-laura-preponIt only took a glorious 1 minute and 30 seconds for me to remember why I love, miss, and anticipate the return of Netflix’s insanely addicting  Orange is the New Black. The Season 2 trailer packs quite a punch. A former nemesis of Red’s returns to the prison, Piper is ready to play nice (or so it seems), and Crazy Eyes, Laura Prepon, Natasha Lyonne, and Morello all show face! There are so many reasons to go back to prison.

Just ask Taystee.

Watch the trailer below and get sentenced June 6 – only on Netflix.

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Watch the Teaser Trailer for the New ‘Peanuts’ Movie

Posted in Trailer Park on March 18th, 2014 by Nick

peanuts-1Charles Schulz’s super-famous comic strip about a boy, his dog, and his grief is getting a re-do. Peanuts is loosely slated to hit theaters in November of 2015 and today, the Internet got its first glimpse at Snoopy Redux.

Is the Internet praising the return of a nostalgic former love or are we Angry Mobbing over the travesty? It’s a little too early to tell…however, this blogger thinks the CGI looks pretty damn spiffy.

To ease any potential Troll fury, Craig Schulz, Charles’ son, will produce, and his grandson, Bryan, wrote the script. Being kept in the family, it seems the franchise is in very good hands.

Here’s the first look! What do you think?

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Watch the ‘Orphan Black’ Season 2 Trailer

Posted in Trailer Park, TV on March 11th, 2014 by Nick


An illegal human cloning trial and some of the best acting currently on television. That’s all you really need to know to watch Orphan Black. But if you’ve never heard of this Canadian show before, here’s the premise of the pilot:

Sarah, a streetwise hustler on the run, witnesses the suicide of a stranger who looks just like her. Sarah assumes her identity, hoping that cleaning out the dead woman’s bank account will solve all of her problems. Instead, after taking on the new identity, Sarah quickly finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy and must race to find answers.

For other viewers already in the #CloneClub, we know there’s so much more to that: serial killers, conspiracies, murder, clones, questions, answers, mysteries, motivations…it’s all very messy and amazing.

The last time we saw Sarah Manning, she was being introduced to the idea that she was a part of a copyrighted human cloning trial. Unsurprisingly, Sarah doesn’t take too well to the idea, nor does she seem happy to meet the newest clone, Rachel Duncan, a.k.a. “Proclone.” But what role does Rachel play in this madness and how far will Sarah have to go to get her life back?

I wish this was starting NOW.

Season 2 starts Saturday, April 19th at 9pm on BBC America.

Season 1 is now available from Netflix (on DVD) or you can rent/buy episodes from iTunes and Amazon. It’s the best show on TV right now and it’s worth it.

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Whedonverse Reunions! ‘Lust for Love’ Trailer Reunites ‘Dollhouse’ Cast and more

Posted in Movies, Trailer Park on January 30th, 2014 by Nick

lflThe up-and-coming Lust for Love film has about 314 people from various Joss Whedon projects. That’s all we need to know right?

I wish I could say I’m lying, but if you throw in two or more alumni from any of Whedon’s anythings, it’s a safe bet that I’m going to watch it. That’s really all a movie or project needs to get me on board. Look at this cast! It’s a Whedonverse fan’s wet dream: Fran Kranz (Dollhouse, Cabin in the Woods), Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse), Enver Gjokaj (Dollhouse), Miracle Laurie (Also Dollhouse), Felicia Day (Buffy, The Guild, Geek & Sundry YouTube channel), Maurissa Tancharoen (writer for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Dollhouse, Executive Producer for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

So really, there’s no chance in hell I’m not watching this, right? Even if it is a Rom-Com. I’M SOLD!

In the film, Astor’s (Fran Kranz) happy tenacity spoils his one chance at love with his lifelong crush Mila (Beau Garrett). Convinced he needs more experience with women to win her back, he engages her ex-best friend Cali (Dichen Lachman) to teach him how to woo women. Together they dissect his failings, and Astor makes his awkward pick-up attempts. As Astor begins to juggle multiple opportunities, he discovers the source of the rift between Cali and Mila, and the trio are forced to confront their conceptions about love.

On paper, it doesn’t sound too original, but fans of any of these actors know how special this is going to be. Fran Kranz is always charming, but what really excites me is the reunion of Lachman and Gjokaj, two former “Dolls” and really the major wowing points of the Dollhouse series. I always thought these two were entirely underrated and can’t wait to see their faces on screen again.

Enjoy this trailer if you haven’t seen it already and enjoy enjoying things.

Lust for Love opens February 7th. In select theaters. Somewhere.


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Kermit Gets Jail Time in the New ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Trailer

Posted in Movies, Trailer Park on November 20th, 2013 by Nick



Although it was probably a good move for Jason Segel, I must admit to being slightly bummed that the Forgetting Sarah Marshall star decided against writing and starring in next year’s Muppets Most Wanted. Luckily, director (and now co-writer) James Bobin and writer Nicholas Stoller are back, and as we can see in the newly released theatrical trailer, it seems we’re in for another treat from the Muppets!

The Muppets head out on a global tour, but trouble comes in the form of Constantine, a Kermit look alike who steals a bunch of shit and frames Kermit for it. The rest of the gang must figure out that their new Kermie isn’t their old Kermie before the real Kermie gets decapitated by a guillotine on Death Row!

Just kidding. That was a mostly stupid joke. But dammit – they’d better figure it out fast…or……or else!

Segel may be out, but Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, and Ty Burrell are all in, along with what will probably be 9,002 celebrity cameos. Academy Award-winning songwriter Bret McKenzie also returns to provide the music.

Muppets Most Wanted is set to hit theaters March 21, 2014. And hopefully without another Tex Richman song.


There are going to be so many fake mustaches in this movie.


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First Look: ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ with Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett

Posted in Trailer Park, TV on September 11th, 2013 by Nick

american-horror-story-coven--1024x557You can keep your Breaking Bad and Walking Dead, and though I do love a good romping with the Sons of Anarchy, you can forget about all of it.

Because Jessica Lange is back.

Here’s the first look of FX’s American Horror Story: Coven and it’s looking as batshit crazy as ever. There’s a dead thing with a cow’s head (?), a crazy kitty, floating people glued on walls (??), and three badass witches on super-high stilts – which serves as our first peek of series newbies Kathy Bates and Angela Bassettt.

The three powerhouses will be joined by Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Gabourey Sidibe, Emma Roberts, and Jamie Brewer. If Season 2 was any indication as to what we’re in store for…buckle up. Shit’s gonna get bumpy.

American Horror Story: Coven premieres October 9 on FX.

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Homeland Season 3 Trailer is Weepy and Awesome and Lame All at the Same Time

Posted in Trailer Park, TV on August 9th, 2013 by Nick

url-400x300According to this trailer straight from Showtime, Season 3 of Homeland will be filled with tears, awkward glances, lots of slow-mo, and crappy songs by Coldplay wannabes (the song here is actually “To Build A Home” by The Cinematic Orchestra).

Jokes aside, there’s no doubt that Team Homeland will pull off a very successful third season…but damn, this trailer sucks. And why is Brody’s daughter taking pictures of her tits? That makes me feel uncomfortable.

Anyways, I guess they’re saving the real goods for the show’s premiere, September 29th at 9pm.

Watch this trailer anyways, if you must:

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See the Trailer for That Bluth Show That’s Coming Out Soon

Posted in Trailer Park, TV on May 14th, 2013 by Nick

arrested-development-600x369On May 26, Netflix will air a fourth season of one of the most beloved-yet-cancelled TV sitcoms to ever grace your living room television. The show is so underrated and unknown that I bet none of you know about it. It stars that guy from Teen Wolf 2, (you know, the teen wolf who’s not Michael J. Fox). It also stars the dude Amy Poehler ditched, and that nerdy kid who was in that movie where he played two versions of himself, except one version of himself was just like, him with a mustache. (In fact, he played a nerdy character so well, that he basically played it in like 10 more movies after that movie.) Oh, and Ellen’s wife is in it too.

I bet you couldn’t even Google this show because so few people know about it that Google wouldn’t even be able to decipher the search from your context clues. If it was the 80′s right now, I bet it wouldn’t even be out on VHS. Well let me share this nugget of information with you, gentle readers. The show is called Arrested Development. And Jason Bateman was the second teen wolf.

Arrested Development is a show about a dysfunctional family. There are hardly any shows like it! The Bluths were formally wealthy, but their dad broke a bunch of laws and got thrown in jail. Now they’re poor and super-entitled and eldest son Michael has to deal with all their bullshit. And boy are they zany!

I don’t want you to be too hard on yourself that you haven’t heard of it, though. It’s not like Arrested Development has been getting non-stop media coverage for the last seven years or anything. I mean, it’s not like all of its actors starred in countless other projects and then showed up to Conan or Leno or whatever, and the host would be all: “So, Arrested Development, huh!? People love it, huh?!” Clearly nobody on the Internet gives a flying squirrel about it because it’s one of the most forgettable shows you could ever possibly watch.

What I’m getting at is: There has never been a less hyped season of television in the history of the Internet. Or in the history of television, for that matter. If someone told me I was wrong, and claimed that AD was in fact more talked about than Kim and Kanye’s unborn fetus, I’d exclaim: “Get out of my town, hermano!” I’d bet all my bananas that I was right.

Netflix released the very first trailer of unseen footage from the upcoming season. It features the cast members I mentioned above. There are also a few others, too, like Archer‘s Mom and that weirdo guy from Veep.

You should try watching Arrested Development sometime! Netflix has Seasons 1-3 up now and 4 will be here before you know it!

Here’s that trailer for you to enjoy.


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Danny Lutz Shares His Story in ‘My Amityville Horror’

Posted in Movies, Trailer Park on March 13th, 2013 by Nick

The Amityville Horror is one story that just won’t die.

We all know the gist, yeah? Ronald DeFeo, Jr. goes cuckoo and murders his parents, two brothers and two sisters in their beds? George and Kathy Lutz move in a year later with Kathy’s three children and crazy shit starts happening? Surely, you’ve seen, you’ve heard, you know.

This Friday in select theaters and on-demand, a new documentary will tell the story of Danny Lutz, who moved into the house at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, N.Y., in 1975. In My Amityville Horror, Danny tells his side of the story and how he was a “victim” of nucking futs paranormal activity. Yikes.

Trailer time:



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See Joss Whedon’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ Trailer and Swoon

Posted in Movies, Trailer Park on March 12th, 2013 by Nick


In the middle of writing, directing and cranking out the third highest grossing movie of all time (The Avengers), Joss Whedon collaborated with some friends to make yet another movie, because clearly the man is not a fan of sleep or free time. The movie in question: Much Ado About Nothing, a modern-day version of a Shakespeare comedy, adapted and directed by The Man Himself.

Flimed in just 12 days, Much Ado features some beloved actors from Whedon’s past works, including Amy Acker (Angel) and Alexis Denisof (Buffy, Angel) as Beatrice and Benedick, Nathan Fillion (Firefly) as Dogberry, Clark Gregg (The Avengers) as Leonato, Fran Kranz (Dollhouse, Cabin in the Woods) as Claudio and Reed Diamond (Dollhouse) as Don Pedro. Some of Whedon’s cast are even veterans of Shakespearean theater – bonus!

As the trailer shows, the movie was shot in gorgeous black and white, and follows the story of two unlikely lovers who inevitably fall in love. I don’t know this story at all and am avoiding spoilers because of that, but since there was a gun in the trailer and it’s Shakespeare, I’m assuming everyone dies at the end. And Whedon is GREAT at killing everyone!

The film opens in North America on June 7 and in the UK and Ireland on June 14. Check out the trailer below (which includes a hot track from St Germain called “Rose Rouge”):


Maybe, just maybe, the world will finally fall in love with Amy Acker.


Props to

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