Happening Sh*t – ‘Jobs,’ the New Cults Single and Ken Marino’s ‘Bad Milo’

In this edition of Happening Sh*t, Ashton Kutcher takes on Steve Jobs, Cults drop their first single off their sophomore effort, and Ken Marino remains as bizarre as ever. BOO-YAH.

Jobs Trailer

When the Internet first learned that Ashton Kutcher was taking on the role of Apple co-founder, chairman, and CEO Steve Jobs, almost everyone thought we were getting Punk’d. Turns out, the trailer looks pretty solid and he just might pull this one off. It’s uncertain if this movie will do Jobs justice, gain any sort of Oscar traction, or stand up to the book by Walter Isaacson, but consider my interest piqued. The film opens today, August 16.


Cults Drop “I Can Hardly Make You Mine”

The NYC indie pop duo Cults has released the first song off their upcoming October 15 release, Static. The track brings more of their swirly echoes, sweet vocals, and pop beats – a perfect escape for the dog days of summer.


Ken Marino is Amazing

bad-milo-posterKen Marino’s upcoming film is a Horror-Comedy about a demon living inside his intestines that gets out and runs amok. Which basically sounds like the best movie ever (and kind of reminds me of Basket Case a little, right?). The movie also stars Gillian Jacobs, Patrick Warburton, Peter Stormare and Stephen Root and it opens in theaters October 4. Sign me up. (Monster Popcorn)

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3 Responses to “Happening Sh*t – ‘Jobs,’ the New Cults Single and Ken Marino’s ‘Bad Milo’”

  1. slutnugget says:

    that’s some happening shit.

  2. Gail says:

    So, it comes out of his ass and then goes back in? That’s gotta hurt.

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