Rob Zombie’s ‘The Lords of Salem’: Intriguing or Tired? You decide!

The Interweb has brought forth yet another trailer for Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem and I can’t quite make up my mind about it:

On the surface, it looks like yet another Zombie film that I’ve already seen before. But that said, I do respect Zombie for his originality and brutality, and definitely think he’s put his own stamp on the Horror genre at large. So…yanno…props.

But can the dude ever stop casting his wife, Sheri Moon? She doesn’t totally suck (I liked her a lot in The Devil’s Rejects, actually), but is she really his muse? There aren’t any better choices out there? Can she even handle a lead like this? Can I even make out what “this” is from that trailer? So many questions.

I’m somewhat intrigued and have my fingers crossed that Zombie has concocted something completely disturbing…but I’m not quite ready to commit to a theater viewing. Am I crazy? Will you be checking out Lords?

The Lords of Salem opens nationwide April 19. 

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