Adios ‘Bitch in Apartment 23,’ but Long Live Beek Jeans

Posted in TV on January 30th, 2013 by Nick

Who doesn’t love BJs?

I never thought I’d say this, but James Van Der Beek is amazing. And so are his “Beek Jeans.”

I’m somewhat bummed to hear that ABC has quietly pulled Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 from its line-up, but it’s hard to blame them. Starting as a mid-season replacement in the 2011-2012 TV season, Bitch in 23 always had modest ratings. Hell, the network even premiered it after one of its staple comedies, Modern Family. Then, it was surprisingly renewed. To say the fledgling show didn’t have a fair shot, well, isn’t quite fair. From a network perspective, it’s a pretty cut and dry scenario. It simply under-performed.

But dammit, this show had some great moments. Although Krysten Ritter was fantastic as “the bitch”  Chloe (who truly got away with some zany shenanigans while still remaining extremely likable), James Van Der Beek was really the star here. Playing a fictionalized, uber-douche version of himself, “James” starred (and flopped) on Dancing With the Stars, considered reuniting with his Dawson’s Creek cast, and even created his own line of jeans. Beek Jeans.

I’m sad to see this one go, but having Bitch get axed makes me think that maybe…just maybe…Happy Endings will have a chance at survival.

Alas, thanks for the memories Bitch in 23. It’s been real. It’s been fun. It’s been real fun. Beek Jeans shall live forever. I bid Ritter and Van Der Beek luck in landing some kickass roles in the future.

Series Grade: B

Here is a picture of Dawson crying. I couldn’t work it in here, but really, I just wanted to include this picture of Dawson crying.



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It’s so hard…to say goodbye…to yesterdaaaaay-eeeee!

Posted in TV on May 18th, 2011 by Nick

The mighty have spoken and so it shall be!

The Big Four networks have started to release fall schedules, and along with the new line-ups come a slew of cancellations (wa-waaaah).  Check it:

“Better With You”
“Brothers & Sisters”
“Detroit 1-8-7″
“Mr. Sunshine”
“No Ordinary Family”
“Off the Map”

America’s Next Great Restaurant
The Event
Law & Order: LA
The Paul Reiser Show
Perfect Couples

The Chicago Code
Human Target
Lie to Me
Traffic Light

The Defenders
Mad Love
$#*! My Dad Says

Luckily, I’m OK with most of these. Fringe, Cougar Town and Parenthood have all survived! Huzzah! Rejoice! And other celebratory goodness, too!

Perfect Couples and Mad Love weren’t terrible shows, per se, but they weren’t unique enough to really stand out. And did we ever need another Law & Order, let alone a William Shatner show based on a Twitter account? Isn’t that common sense? (I guess things aren’t looking too good for my treatment about my buddy, the Bronx Zoo Cobra! That was a terrible joke.)

Whatever. Who cares.  See you in the Fall, Fringe!



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Saying goodbye to 'Lost'

Posted in TV on May 24th, 2010 by Nick

*This post contains SPOILERS from last night’s series finale of Lost. Read at your own risk!*

Six seasons, 121 episodes, 26 castaways, and 1 smoke monster deep, Lost finally and gracefully bowed out last night after a stunning, yet heartbreaking series finale. Many mysteries remained after the two-and-a-half hour final episode, but the series did circle back around to what was always most important: its characters.

It’s no secret that I’ve been a tough critic of the show. I stand by the fact that Lost should have been 1-2 seasons shorter. I also don’t believe the producers’ notion that everything was completely planned from the beginning (what’s their excuse for Season 3 then?). However, when Lost succeeds, there is no denying the accolades it deserves. Last night’s series ender “The End” is one of its success stories.

For the past 2-3 seasons, I’ve been wishing, hoping and begging for the writers to return to its character development and serve the individual stories appropriately. “The End” could not have answered my prayers any more. When all was said and done, each character found meaning in his or her life that he or she didn’t have before crashing on the island. Even though the story focused on Jack Shephard (as it should), every character (except for Benjamin Linus) had some form of happy ending. As Jack was ushered into the church to meet his fellow losties, it was both uplifting and saddening. The viewers were able to see the end-game of each and every character via the Flash-Sideways-Purgatory, and that was indeed both extremely fulfilling and worth the wait.

But what about those unanswered mysteries? Were you able to rip yourself away from them? Why were the numbers such a curse for Hurley? What was the deal with The Light? Why did the Man-In-Black become the evil Smoke Monster from The Light, while Desmond and Jack did not? And what about the Dharma Initiative’s fertility studies or Charles Widmore’s actual involvement? So many plot points (plot holes?) were simply left on the table for viewers to suck on. Was it a slap in the face, or does the big picture alleviate the anxieties of the unknown?

Personally, I’m glad Lost has run its course. Had the show been shorter, the narrative would’ve also been tighter – but hey – it wasn’t my show to run. Although I do wish a few more of the mysteries had been resolved, I’m just glad our characters have finally found peace through each other. I’m glad that I don’t have to keep thinking about this anymore, and I’m glad that I never have to watch Lost ever again until I’m absolutely ready to revisit it.

It’s understandable that some might feel completely ripped off with so many loose ends, but the mysteries aren’t the central focal point of the show. Life’s a journey, not a destination – and we got to witness those journeys through life-changing events in these characters’ lives. We got to see how they evolved, and how they found meaning amongst their challenges and pain. Beyond the relationships formed and the effects of those relationships, nothing else really matters.


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Bad networks! Bad!

Posted in TV on May 21st, 2010 by Nick

It’s about that time of the television season – our favorite shows are ending, cliffhangers are leaving us high and dry…and a few networks are making batshit crazy programming decisions that will leave us completely irked. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1) Parks and Recreation gets shafted to mid-season

NERDS! Why, oh why must this be so! Granted it’s not canceled, but I still have room for complaint here. The Amy Poehler led comedy about a small town Parks and Recs department and the government “officials” (I use that loosely) that run it has made leaps and bounds this year in its second season. The character of Andy has finally come into his own, secondary characters Donna and Jerry were added to much success, and Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) became a star. The comedy is tight, smart, and better than The Office. And the Rob Lowe cameos are off the wall! Mid-season, NBC? Really!? Parks and Recreation is not a mid-season show. See! This Facebook group says so!

2) The Sarah Silverman Program is cancelled

I guess there’s not too much to say here. Comedy Central gave the show multiple seasons to really dominate the airwaves, and I suppose Silverman and company failed to do so. Or maybe its because the comedy rarely evolves into something new. But dammit all to hell – I loved it. The program’s comedy is so dumbed down and idiodic that it’s genius! It’s a shame others didn’t feel the same.

3) ‘The next Lost,’ aka FlashFoward, is also canned

Was ABC’s FlashForward perfect? Not by a long shot. But did it have outstanding potential that was just beginning to be tapped? Absolutely. For starters, the networks are high in thinking that there will ever be another show that compares to Lost. Kudos for trying, but clearly both FlashFoward and V are not the answer to ABC’s programming hole once Lost leaves us for good. But keeping V and axing FlashFoward was not the way to go – they should’ve went Missy style and flipped it and reversed it.

FlashFoward is going to leave so many questions unanswered! I liked the cast and the stories that were unraveling, it just needed a little more love and nurturing to really tap into what this show was capable of. Oh, and also, I hope V crashes and burns. Sorry, Morena Baccarin (I love youuuu).

Though I’m mildly heartbroken about these decisions, at least they aren’t as devastating as the Angel or Dollhouse calls. oooof. and rip.


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Lost Season 5 premieres TOMORROW

Posted in TV on January 20th, 2009 by Nick

Stay tuned for recaps, theories, fun facts and more as our guest blogger Pramer aka Pramedigz aka Anne Brancoft (or whatever she’s calling herself these days…) joins TLW.

The premiere begins tomorrow, Wed. Jan 21st at 8pm.  Check ittt.

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'Pushing Daisies' Cancelled

Posted in TV on November 21st, 2008 by Nick

ABC has officially cancelled Pushing Daisies.

It’s sad; the show was a refreshing breathe of fresh air amongst stale broadcast programming, but Season 2 needed a little more spark. It needed to change, adapt, and further the story. And, well, it didnt.

ABC will continue airing the rest of the 13 already produced episodes later in the spring.

And check out this interview with Kristin Chenoweth regarding the show’s demise.

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