‘Cougar Town’ Returns on TBS – So what’s changed?

Posted in TV on January 9th, 2013 by Nick

Season 4 of Cougar Town premiered last night on its new network, TBS. Despite my internal hatred for the network’s less-than-stellar lame-o slogan, the premiere was, in fact, as advertised. And how about that! Cougar Town found a network that will actually promote it! HURRAY for the art of TELEVISION!

Safely burrowed in its new home, what’s changed around the set of Cougar Town? This Funny or Die exclusive has got the deets:

Cougar Town On-Set Meltdown from Courtney Cox
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The First Ever TLW Goodies Giveaway!

Posted in Goodies Giveaway, things I like that you should like too on February 15th, 2012 by Nick

Now that the ol’ blog has reached the ripe old age of four, I figured it was time to do our first ever GOODIES GIVEAWAY! Depending on its success, I’d like to do a few of these a year to thank everyone for your continued views, comments and Tweets, and also to help promote the TV shows, bands and films that I write about and love dearly.

This time around, we’re giving away a free copy of Season 1 of Cougar Town! As I blogged about earlier this week, Cougar Town is not about milfs chasing young prey; rather, it is a fantastic ensemble comedy about adult relationships, dysfunction, and most importantly…drinking! To celebrate the show’s third season premiere…one lucky reader is going to get their paws on Season 1 for freeeeee!

Here’s how to enter:

1) Follow The Littlest Winslow on Twitter: @LittlestWinslow

2) Tweet the following message: Free shwag! #TLWGoodies Win a copy of #CougarTown Season 1 by following @LittlestWinslow View contest deets here: http://wp.me/p1XSa1-Mp

The contest starts now and entries will be accepted through Wednesday, February 29th. The winner will be announced Thursday, March 1! Continental U.S. only, please. Good luck!

**EDIT** – Congratulations to Jamie! Your victory gift is on its way!

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Drinking Beers (and Wine!) with the Cast of ‘Cougar Town’

Posted in TV on February 12th, 2012 by Nick

If you love Scrubs, dysfunctional camaraderie and drinking, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be watching ABC’s Cougar Town.

Also created by the man behind that quirky medical comedy (Bill Lawrence), Cougar Town centers around Jules Cobb (Courtney Cox) and her group of friends, including ex-husband Bobby who lives on a boat in a parking lot, her neighbor and bestie Ellie (and her zany husband Andy), her son Travis, and her attractive, ditzy employee Laurie. Rounding out the gang is Grayson, the formerly single and eligible bachelor who lives across the street.

After numerous bumps off ABC’s schedule, Cougar Town is finally (!!) returning to start its third season on February 14 at 8:30 p.m. So what has the cul de sac crew been doing in the meantime? Drinking with fans across the country, of course!

Last Thursday, the Cougar Town creator and cast held a viewing party at Stamford, Connecticut’s Black Bear Saloon and brought along two upcoming episodes for fans to see before they aired. In addition, there was Penny Can fun (see photo!), a meet and greet with the cast, and even a free open bar courtesy of Senor Lawrence. How cool is that!?

Joining Lawrence for the Stamford stop of the tour was Dan Byrd (Travis), Josh Hopkins (Grayson) and Bob Clendenin (widowed neighbor Tom). Not only are events like this treats for die-hard fans, but they serve as phenomenal promotion for a show that is really fighting for its life right now. As of now, Season 4 hangs in limbo, contingent upon solid numbers for the first few Season 3 episodes that start airing FEBRUARY 14TH AT 8:30P.M. ON ABC (Nielsen families – wake up!).

Byrd, Hopkins, Clendenin and Lawrence were awesome to chat with and kind enough to stop in boring ol’ Connecticut. Here are a few pics from the event:

Bill, man! I thought we were doing silly face on that one! HA!

The episodes we were shown were the first and fifth of the new season…and they do. not. disappoint. A huge spoiler / plot reveal hits hard at the end of episode 1, while episode 5 boasts a few epic Scrubs cameos (which filled the Saloon with applause and cheers!). It made this fan the happiest.

Funny/awkward sidebar: While mentioning that it was slightly awkward hovering around waiting to chat with the cast (we didn’t want to interject on someone else’s conversation, so we were patient), I decided to break it down to MJ’s “Billie Jean.” I mean, we were in a bar! After a few moves, I turn around and almost bump directly into Bob Clendenin in the process. I’d like to think he dug my sweet dance moves, though (they were all for you, Bob!)! Makin’ friends!

So to the uninitiated, pay attention:

1) Cougar Town is not about a milf trying to bang young dudes. (Though even if it was, I’d totally still watch!)

2) The cast and crew of this series have a ton of heart and genuinely love what they do. They are worthy of a spot on your DVRs!

3) The show is a nicely balanced emsemble, and it’s absolutely hysterical. It’s right up there with Happy Endings, Parks and Recreation, Community and all of the other top notch comedies currently on television.

In sum: Give it a shot. Lawrence and company will not let you down.

February 14th. 8:30 p.m. ABC.

Because Valentine’s Day is simply overrated anyways.

Thanks to Jesse, a Producer, for hookin’ my Fiance up with a Penny Can. It was my night’s goal to seek out my very own, and imagine my surprise when I found out he gave us one….signed by the entire cast! We’ll be playing Penny Can on our wedding day, in your honor, Sir. This I promise you.

And a big shoutout and thanks to Lawrence, Byrd, Hopkins and Clendenin for the free shirts, booze, and quality hang time. Cheers!

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It’s so hard…to say goodbye…to yesterdaaaaay-eeeee!

Posted in TV on May 18th, 2011 by Nick

The mighty have spoken and so it shall be!

The Big Four networks have started to release fall schedules, and along with the new line-ups come a slew of cancellations (wa-waaaah).  Check it:

“Better With You”
“Brothers & Sisters”
“Detroit 1-8-7″
“Mr. Sunshine”
“No Ordinary Family”
“Off the Map”

America’s Next Great Restaurant
The Event
Law & Order: LA
The Paul Reiser Show
Perfect Couples

The Chicago Code
Human Target
Lie to Me
Traffic Light

The Defenders
Mad Love
$#*! My Dad Says

Luckily, I’m OK with most of these. Fringe, Cougar Town and Parenthood have all survived! Huzzah! Rejoice! And other celebratory goodness, too!

Perfect Couples and Mad Love weren’t terrible shows, per se, but they weren’t unique enough to really stand out. And did we ever need another Law & Order, let alone a William Shatner show based on a Twitter account? Isn’t that common sense? (I guess things aren’t looking too good for my treatment about my buddy, the Bronx Zoo Cobra! That was a terrible joke.)

Whatever. Who cares.  See you in the Fall, Fringe!



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