Happy Birthday, Bloggo!

Posted in Horror on January 18th, 2013 by Nick



Hot damn – this blog is five years old! Happy Birthday, me!

I’m not that much of a pompous douchebag, (well, maybe I am) but five years is a pretty big deal. It may not sound like such a great feat, but it’s a milestone worth celebrating. Here are the only things that I have consistently completed on a regular basis for the last five years of my life:

-Eaten regular meals approximately three times a day.
-Exercised semi-regularly, and by “semi-regularly” I mean at least two hours a week – dedication, people!
-Drank more alcohol than my body could physically process.
-Watched entirely too much television.
-Bonded with my favorite couch cushion.
-Played entirely too much Mario Party.

The fact that this place is still kickin’ is pretty damn cool, so thanks for your Likes, Retweets, comments, shares, and time spent at The Winz. Hopefully you found it mildly entertaining and didn’t feel like killing yourself after.

Coming soon: More bullshit opinions and a redesign! 2013 will probably be pretty OK.

Thanks for reading (or at least for not hiding me from your Facebook News Feed),



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