Music Mondays: Atlas Genius – ‘If So’

Posted in Music on February 25th, 2013 by Nick

This week’s offering is from a South Australian band called Atlas Genius. (For everyone drinking the Imagine Dragons kool-aid right now, these guys are the openers for the current North American tour.) Atlas Genius started making waves with their song “Trojans” which was featured on their EP called Through the Glass, released in 2012. It’s a solid indie rock tune, full of hand-clapping beats and a catchy chorus. The track is set to reappear on the group’s upcoming 2013 LPĀ When It Was Now, however, “Trojans” isn’t nearly the band’s best.

That would be “If So,” and ever since I heard it, I can’t get it out of my skull. There’s more meat to chew on this one. It’s full of reverb’d synths that will make you want to shake it, an infectious guitar riff, and an even catchier chorus that I can’t stop singing to myself and my cat. Which really just makes me seem like a crazy person. But it must be shared with the world, felines included.



After a couple spins, I’m not as addicted to the album as I am this single, but you can head over to Spotify and decide for yourself. Either way, these guys are up-and-comers to keep your eye on. And they’re booked for the Firefly Festival, so I’m hoping to check them out there – bonus!

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Music Mondays: The new ‘Joy Formidable’

Posted in Music on January 28th, 2013 by Nick

JoyFormidableWolf_jpg_630x960_q85On The Winslow’s Must List this week is the new record by The Joy Formidable, a Welsh trio currently living in London. They’re an alt-rock band that formed in 2007 and recently had success on modern rock radio with their singles “Whirring” and “Cradle.” Last week the band released their second full-length studio album called Wolf’s Law and it’s just as head-turning as its predecessor, showcasing the band’s pulsing, relentless guitars, airy ambition, and attentiveness to lyrics and melody.

We caught these guys in an opening slot for the Foo Fighters a couple years back and they completely held their own. We were worried their sound wouldn’t translate in a venue as big as Madison Square Garden, but the band’s approach was gutsy, filling the venue with their signature shredding, elongated solos and incessant gong beatings (!). Alas, they’ve earned a special place in my heart and on my iPod.

Today’s offerings are the latest single “This Ladder is Ours” and another track from the new album that caught my ear, “Maw Maw Song.” Wolf’s Law is available now.

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Music Mondays return with the band Friends

Posted in Music on January 21st, 2013 by Nick

friends-manifestA while back, I started a Monday thang called “Music Mondays.” In pure Winslow fashion, I posted a few times and it fell by the wayside for my TV rantings. Because I’m probably a bigger music addict than I am TV/Film, I want to give this blog space a little more balance, hence, the return of MUSIC MONDAYS!

Instead of posting reviews (which I’ll continue to do from time to time), I’m going to post a Song of the Week, Band of the Week, or whatever else rocks my boat. It could be a brand new band, a new-to-me band, or an old favorite, but I’ll offer up something fresh and fun for your Mondays to ease the pain of the new work week. Music helps. It’s a proven fact. I think I read it in Cliffs Notes or something.

This week’s music comes from the band Friends. Their album Manifest! hit stores in June of 2012, but they recently fell upon my virgin ears thanks to a buddy-ol’-pal o’mine, DoomCake. The album’s lead track “Friend Crush” and single “I’m His Girl” are a solid representation of what this Brooklyn outfit is about: indie pop, funk, disco, synths, yada yada yada. Just listen already!

I’m all about sharing! If you’ve got something everyone should hear that should be featured on Music Mondays, hit me up in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook. Til next time.

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