Music Monday: New Tracks from Lorde, Holy Ghost and Grouplove

Posted in Music on September 30th, 2013 by Nick

To make up for the lack of Music Monday posts in recent weeks, today’s is SUPERSIZED and super awesome. Lets dig.

LA’s indie-pop loving Grouplove recently released their second album entitled Spreading Rumours and there is zero sophomore slumping to be found on this disc. Not only does it keep in line with their signature gang-of-pop-misfits structure, but the band dives into other territories as well, testing the waters with dub-step, Pixies-style alternative and tongue-twisting, spitfire lyrics. The disc is remarkably strong throughout and the energy is contagious. Here’s my favorite cut, “Borderlines and Aliens” – (the “arigato” lyric WILL invade your life):


Everyone’s favorite Kiwi, Lorde, has finally unleashed her first full-length studio album - Pure Heroine came out last week and can now be tracked down on Spotify. While “Royals” is starting to show its age (it’s on the radio now – only a year too late!), it’s the newer single “Tennis Court” that is all the rage now…at least in my car. It’s a similar track to the former in terms of style and delivery, yet she still proves that this 16-year-old is wise beyond her years.¬† The video kinda freaks me out (not a fan of the get-up and creepy staring), but hey, she caught our attention and now she demands it.


Brooklyn synthpop duo Holy Ghost! also released a sophomore album earlier this month and it. is. fantastic. It’s cohesive, tight, and just as fun as their debut. I love it all so much that I really can’t pick out a standout, so I’ll play it safe and post the single, “Dumb Disco Ideas.” Fans of the self-titled will definitely want to check out the second release. Total danceparty.

Mondays suck, but music does not. Plug those headphones in and drown out the world around you.

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Music Mondays: Grouplove’s ‘Everyone’s Gonna Get High’

Posted in Music on February 4th, 2013 by Nick

Mainstream pop bands usually suck (fun. I’m looking at you), but Grouplove is one indie start-up that I hope capitalizes on their onward momentum and steamrolls the other shitty pop hodgepodge out of the way. They’re a five-piece motley crew of misfits who are perhaps best known for their iTunes hit “Tongue Tied.” But don’t hold that against them, gentle readers, for their album Never Trust A Happy Song is far deeper and more eclectic than their iTunes venture would probably lead you to think.

So their album is kind of “old” now (it came out in 2011), but the band just released a new song for the Girls soundtrack called “Everyone’s Gonna Get High,” and my ears think its pretty fucking excellent. It’s a chill track that builds gradually, chock-full of singalong lyrics and na-na-nas. It perfectly showcases blue-haired frontman¬†Christian Zucconi’s vocals, slipping back and forth between notes and howls, which are supported effortlessly by keyboardist Hannah Hooper.

The band’s live show confirms that they are greater than the sum of their parts. Rarely have I seen every single member add so much to a set before. Bassist Sean Gadd grabs the mic and jaunts about the stage, Hooper swirls and twirls while taking lead, and Zucconi gladly steps back when it makes sense. Together, they’re a team on stage; Grouplove, the perfect name for their outfit.

So the new song: I dig it. You should dig it too. It’s the perfect summer campfire song. The sun has set, the keg has been kicked, some weirdo has nauseatingly pulled out his guitar, but once everyone is all lit and funky, they’re glad he did. That’s what it feels like to engage in some Grouplove.¬† I don’t know how this post turned into the prime setting for an orgy, but shit just got weird. Time for listening. Get high on this action:

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