Monopoly Nerds: Assembleeee!

Posted in Check It Out! on January 14th, 2013 by Nick

monopThere is nothing more satisfying in this world than crushing your friends with fake play money.

If you’re a board game nerd like myself, surely you’re a fan of the Monopoly man. Ever since I was a wee lad, I’d cherish the invigorating moments of landing on Boardwalk, building hotels on dangerous corners, and pilfering every last white dolla bill that my friends had in their hands. I’d give the remaining players small, meager chances at survival before completely crushing their souls and dreams. Ahh, how I miss those days.


Monopoly’s new Save Your Token poll on Facebook is a great way to get this old favorite back into the minds of its fans. The game is doing away with one of its classic tokens and replacing it with something brand new…and the fans get to choose! Vote to save either the thimble, boat, iron, hat, scottie, wheelbarrow, racecar, or the shoe, because one of those tokens is hittin’ the road.

As for the new contenders, you can vote in one of the following:


Personally, I’m all about saving the racecar and adding in either the cat or the robot, clearly the better choices of the five contenders. (Somehow the horse and rider was done away with a while ago though? Shit, man, when did that happen?)

You can vote once everyday until the trial ends on February 5th, so head to Facebook and submit your vote today, dammit.

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