Happy Birthday, Bloggo!

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Hot damn – this blog is five years old! Happy Birthday, me!

I’m not that much of a pompous douchebag, (well, maybe I am) but five years is a pretty big deal. It may not sound like such a great feat, but it’s a milestone worth celebrating. Here are the only things that I have consistently completed on a regular basis for the last five years of my life:

-Eaten regular meals approximately three times a day.
-Exercised semi-regularly, and by “semi-regularly” I mean at least two hours a week – dedication, people!
-Drank more alcohol than my body could physically process.
-Watched entirely too much television.
-Bonded with my favorite couch cushion.
-Played entirely too much Mario Party.

The fact that this place is still kickin’ is pretty damn cool, so thanks for your Likes, Retweets, comments, shares, and time spent at The Winz. Hopefully you found it mildly entertaining and didn’t feel like killing yourself after.

Coming soon: More bullshit opinions and a redesign! 2013 will probably be pretty OK.

Thanks for reading (or at least for not hiding me from your Facebook News Feed),



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Alienating My Audience: Spitting Truth about AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’

Posted in Horror, TV on October 16th, 2012 by Nick

The Walking Dead premiered this week and from a ratings perspective, the outlook is good. Very good.  The third season premiere attracted 10.9 million viewers (a mind-blowing number for cable!), defending its title as the most successful basic cable drama of all time in the adult demo. But dammit, it’s time to spit some truth on this zombie craze.

The Walking Dead tells the tale of Rick Grimes, his family, and a slew of survivors of a blood-splattering, intestine-eating zombie apocalypse. The show is an adaptation of a monthly black and white comic book series, created by Robert Kirkman, who also serves as an Executive Producer on the show. Although the show captures some of the meat of the books, I still feel like the true guts of the story remain largely uneaten.

When the show first hit our living rooms, it was a huge victory for the Horror genre. A television show about zombies was being produced and was actually going to air! The books had a steady fan base, zombies were the new rising trend, and Kirkman and effects master Greg Nicotero were both signed on. Epic win! Although I enjoy The Walking Dead enough, I still can’t get over the fact that the show isn’t living up to its full potential. Sure, the zombies look great, the blood and gore is spot on, but much of the characterization of our beloved survivors is gone. I’m not loving the cast (Laurie Holden’s Andrea is my favorite, yet I fight the urge to fast forward every time Sarah Wayne Callies opens her mouth), or the adaptations of who these characters are. It’s very telling when comic book art can present more emotion than actors and actresses on screen, but in this case, the book’s art and writing really do win out.

It’s also no surprise that Season 2 had pacing problems. We searched for Sophia for what seemed like an eternity, and even when words were exchanged, the series really wasn’t saying much – about society, or about the lives and relationships of these people we’re peering in on. It doesn’t feel cohesive. The only true emotional punch this show delivered was the shocking discovery that Sophia was a zombie, hidden inside Herschel’s barn. Once we got over the awesomeness of zombies on TV, viewers waited a full season and a half before getting a shocking, real, emotional payoff.

Season three’s premiere episode got “back to its roots” of killing zombies. Though I love some delicious violence, this running, gun toting, and stab-y goodness begins to lose its effectiveness when the characters behind it aren’t as strong as they could be…and should be. Because of this, the tension has dissipated. The show really needs to tighten up and dig deep inside of these characters in order to highlight the traits that readers of the book know and love. There’s still so much more potential hidden in this narrative than what we’ve been presented with.

Perhaps my standards are too high. Maybe shows like Mad Men, Homeland and Dexter have raised my expectations. Or maybe there’s just too much competition in TV nowadays. Let’s face it – Rick Grimes is no Don Draper. Although I still watch The Walking Dead, I don’t crave it like I do when the gang from Sterling Cooper Draper Price returns. And being such a Horror fan at heart, I really wish I did.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation makes me regret being a Wii owner

Posted in Video Games on May 2nd, 2011 by Nick

I love my Wii, I do. But there are many things that I keep letting slide in order to remain loyal to my beloved Nintendo system. The graphics aren’t as good, the Internet/DLC capabilities suck, it doesn’t have a Kinect-like motion detector yet. The list keeps piling up like a bunch of dead zombie bodies. And then I saw this:

What the WHAT!?

First of all – ZOMBIES. Excellent. Second – Sarah Michelle Gellar!? Robert Englund! Danny Trejo! Ahhh! Third – Well, there isn’t really a third. I just want this, dammit!

Wii’s lack of age appropriate gaming is really starting to get me down. I love Mario with every fiber of my being, but sometimes I feel it just may not be enough…especially since there’s been no word or sight of a Mario Party 9! Zelda’s Twilight Princess was amazing and so were both Mario Galaxy games…but really, these are just the same series I’ve been playing over and over again since I was four.

XBox’s awesomeness is starting to get a little out of control, and bloody hell–I may have to jump ship to XBox next time ’round.

Enjoy the Escalation download, XBox-ers. Ya jerks.

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Zombies vs. Supermodels: A Comparison

Posted in Check It Out!, Horror on January 4th, 2011 by Nick

Have you ever wondered just how much supermodels compared to zombies? Now, for the first time ever (LIE!) delve into the eerie similarities of The Walking Diva and The Walking Dead.

Thanks to Laughing Squid for the radness!

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Must-see-TV: 'The Dead Set'

Posted in Check It Out!, TV on October 25th, 2010 by Nick

This British mini-series has everything you’d ever want to see in a TV show: pretty faces, a show-within-a-show layering, horror, intrigue…and zombies. Even better – zombies that eat Big Brother contestants! Granted, the UK’s Big Bro is vastly more popular than its U.S. sister-equivalent, the premise of The Dead Set is just too perfect to pass up, even for Big Brother haters!

EW’s Dalton Ross writes:

For anyone who has yearned to see Big Brother contestants devoured by a pack of flesh-eating zombies — and honestly, who hasn’t? — I give you Dead Set. This grisly British horror series (airing on five consecutive nights) shows what happens when the walking dead infiltrate a live eviction episode of the reality show. Four words: Best. Eviction. Episode. Ever. The only thing that could have made it even more delicious? Zombie Chenbot. A-

A zombie Chenbot would be pretty fucking great.

The Dead Set airs tonight, 12-12:45am on IFC. The series will run for five consecutive nights.


The Walking Dead airs Halloween night at 10pm on AMC!  Who’s excited!?


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