We interrupt your regularly scheduled program…

SoooooYEAH! Since my life has been consumed by packing my ish for the big move, I’ve been a craptastic blogger.

Forecast for TLW: Slow. Outlook: Not so good.

This is both bogus and sad, I know. When the future is upon me, I’ll be back with double-force, chugging full speed ahead on this train called life, and other awkward, nonsense¬†metaphors too. It will change soon – I pinky swear.

Allow me to leave you with these parting gifts to enjoy in my absence.

I think Tosh is fly.

Did I mention that I’m going to Ozzfest on the 21st? This means I get to see:

and also:

I’ve never seen Ozzy before. I wonder if he’ll be able to stand, let alone sing.

Oh, yeah – and what’s the deal with this:

That’s cool. I guess…

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for!

No need to thank me, really. You stay classy, blogosphere! Til next time!


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3 Responses to “We interrupt your regularly scheduled program…”

  1. Bali says:

    It’s because Hurley is the best. But if that picture of his face is the entire album cover, that’s kind of creepy. I will say, though, if I saw a CD with his face on the cover, I’d be very intrigued by whatever band decided to do that.

  2. Gail says:

    I am seeing Daniel Tosh in NYC in October – SO EXCITED!!!!

  3. NICK says:

    I’m going to the New Haven show! Psyched!

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