Weighing In: The ‘Evil Dead’ Remake Trailer

The Horror community was filled with shock and terror when rumors about an Evil Dead remake started to float around the Internet a few years back. Should this movie even be touched if not for a proper sequel? Would Bruce Campbell or Sam Raimi be involved? Would it be modernized as torture porn or keep its campy heart? When Campbell and Raimi did announce that they’d be attached to the project as producers, some fears were calmed, but many worries still lingered. Today, we finally got to take a first look at one of Horror’s most anticipated remakes:

Gut reactions: It looks gruesome and bloody (pro!), but I’m not sure if it looks “fun” enough (con). It definitely seems to have an intensity behind it, like when Rob Zombie took over the Halloween remake series, but I’m still a little unsure. Some of the scenes seem a little torture-porn-y, but it does look scary and gory, which are both so necessary for this remake to be successful.

Because I’m a huge 80′s horror/slasher fan, I love my Horror to be campy with a healthy side of cheese, which really just explains my love for the original series (and for movies like Cabin in the Woods!). Understandably, this movie can’t be the same movie, so they needed to alter the tone of this new entry. All I ask and hope for is that there’s a solid story behind the bloodshed, with characters we can really get behind and root for. Diablo Cody has reportedly “polished” the script, adding in some additional character and dialogue, so hopefully her charm and wit can be a great addition to what looks like a hellishly frightening film.

Who’s excited? Who’s still screaming in outrage? Sound off!

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3 Responses to “Weighing In: The ‘Evil Dead’ Remake Trailer”

  1. Jess Toman says:

    I don’t know Nick. Ugh I think I like the originals too much that I’m going to be disappointed no matter what.

  2. Nick says:

    I was really worried about it at first, but this trailer looks pretty badass! It’s all about the characterization though. It could really be the make or break for me. I think I’ll most likely end up seeing this in the theater though!

  3. Dan O. says:

    To be honest, this doesn’t look half-bad. My only complaint is that it doesn’t feel like it has the energy and passion for it’s material, the same way Raimi and all of his buddies did when they made the original.

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